Life-Accident-Health Pre-License

Home Study Prelicensing Course

Our home study course will provide you with all the information you need to  prepare for, and PASS, the state licensing exams for Life and/or Accident and Health Insurance.  Students should complete the full study of the information provided.  At the end of each course study you will complete and return a test. Upon passing the test with a 70% or better, you will be registered with the State as completing this required course.  If you have questions or need any help during this study we are here for you at no additional cost.


Life, Accident and Health Study:   $125 (includes shipping)

Life OR Accident & Health ONLY:   $85 (includes shipping)


Home Study and Classroom Course

This course is a combination of home study and intense classroom review to prepare students to PASS the state licensing exams.  Students MUST complete both portions of this program to receive a certificate of completion. Prior to the arranged classroom portion of the course you must complete a test and bring it with you to class. Upon passing the test with a 70% or better, and attending all of the classroom portion, you will be registered with the State as completing this required course.

Students books will be shipped prior to the class dates in order to complete the home study portion of the course.


Home Study and Classroom How It Works

Gather 3 or more employees together and decide on a couple of dates you would like to offer the course. This is a 2 day accelerated class. (one day for Accident & Health or Life ONLY course)  Decide where you will host the class then contact Jack to make detailed arrangements. We will invoice you per student.


Combination course with two  day classroom review for Life, Accident, & Health  with a minimum of 3 students - $200/student, 

Life or Health Only with one day classroom review — $145/student

Classes with more than 3 students may be eligible to receive additional discounts

It’s simple to register online

Send in your registration on line with contact information and the course you which to hold and Jack will contact you to arrange the details.


Contact us and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Office Phone: 231-865-3363